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3M Driving Technologies

Pixel Farm for 3M

A collection of VR experiences created to showcase advancements 3M has made in road safety technologies. 

All experiences built using Unity and the SRP for the Oculus Rift.


- Programming

- Environment Design


- UI

- QA

The Way to Safer Roads

Created to demonstrate 3M’s retroreflective technology used on road signage, pavement markings, and work zone materials. Outside of bringing people to an actual test track, VR proved to be the best platform to allow users to witness up-close how 3M’s technology works.

Connected Roads

Created to visualize how 3M-enhanced infrastructure products can make roadways smarter and safer for automated vehicles. We created a bustling miniature city featuring 3M’s Intelligent Transportation Materials and how they allow autonomous vehicles to safely maneuver an intricate web of road, weather, and traffic conditions.

Safe Driving Challenge

Created to showcase the importance of high-quality signage and pavement marking reflectivity in stressful driving situations, players go for a night drive along a rainy coastal highway littered with construction zones and parked semis. As the player progresses through the experience, signage reflectivity becomes increasingly brighter, placing 3M’s advanced retroreflective material against common, non-reflective paint, allowing the player greater visibility as they make their way down the road.

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